Being accused of committing a crime is an incredibly stressful experience. Whether you were arrested or law enforcement is simply conducting an investigation because they suspect you of committing a crime, you are likely scared, angry and unsure of who may be able to help you in this situation.

I understand how frightening it can be to be thrust into the legal system, where everyone is pointing fingers at you and no one is really telling you what is going on. My job is to advocate for your rights through the legal process, and to form the best possible defense in your case. I believe everyone deserves a solid defense and someone to represent their interests, no matter what crime they are being accused of or are suspected of committing.

When I consult with you, I will provide you sound legal advice and explain what is happening in a way that you can understand. I will lay out your options for you so you can make informed decisions about the matters that will affect your future and the futures of your family and loved ones.

Whether you were accused of a felony such as  drug offenses, violent crimes, property crimes,  or a misdemeanor such as petty theft or minor traffic infractions. I will be by your side to defend your rights, freedoms and reputation. I take all cases seriously. Contact me today for a free consultation. (205) 631-8004.