Many people assume that because a misdemeanor isn’t as serious as a felony, that being charged with one is not really a big deal. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you have been charged with any kind of misdemeanor, you are under serious threat.

Your future is at stake, and you could be sentenced to jail time, community service, drug or alcohol rehabilitation or probation and you could be ordered to pay hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in expensive fines. If you are found guilty of a misdemeanor, the judgment will go on your permanent criminal record, making it more difficult for you to get a job, rent an apartment and even apply for a car or home loan. Simply put, even something as “small” as a misdemeanor could have a significant impact on you and your family for the rest of your life. Can you afford to let that happen?

No matter what kind of crime you were charged with, I will provide you with the sound legal defense you need to increase the chances that the charges against you are completely cleared or at least reduced so your punishments will not be as severe. My goal is to support you from the beginning of the legal process to the end, and to ensure that your rights, liberties and future are protected.

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